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Webinar Series: Medisoft U by AZCOMP Technologies

The Medisoft Training Webinar Will Include:

Tips to utilize the program more effectively.

Tricks to become more efficient with the program.

A deep dive of 1-2 features at each webinar to learn all the details.

Get questions answered at each webinar with a Q & A at the end.

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Current Webinar Schedule:

Thursday July 11th, 10:00 AM Pacific:

Top 15 Reports to Go Along with the New Best Practices Guide - One of our top 10 questions from new Medisoft users is "What reports should I run? There are so many." In this webinar, we will be showing you our top 15 reports we recommend and how to quickly find them and save them to your "favorites." 

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** These webinars are designed to be most beneficial to Medisoft users that already have a working knowledge of the program. We will be covering specific topics in depth to help users become more efficient and productive with the program. Beginners are welcome and will certainly get good value out of attending but the webinar is not designed with the beginner in mind. **

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Fill out the form above so you can be notified about and register for future webinars !

Thursday September 5th, 10:00 AM Pacific:

Would you like Medisoft to flag your claims when you forget to include a modifier for a certain CPT code on a claim BEFORE you send it to your clearinghouse/payer? In this webinar, we will show you how to add a claim edit rule to your Revenue Management claim scrubber that will do just that. This will save you time and decrease rejection rates.

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